Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Black and White and in Full Bloom?!

What's "Black and What and in Full Bloom"?  The theme for this month's French Flea event!  And we are so excited to have you come and see what we've done!  We're all spruced up and ready for guests.  And are you ready for some pictures?   Without further ado, here ya go!  But be sure to come and  see them in person.  Things look spectacular!

We have accessories!

And we have clothing!  Thanks to Lori of Ladeeda Designs!

There's two of these chairs.  They'd be awesome on a three season porch!  Oh, la la!

Isn't she sweet!

Okay, so we have a little glare, but this picture (within the picture) is spectacular!

This mini chaise lounge is the perfect resting place for your vintage pins!

Hope you enjoyed the preview and hope to see you there! 

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