Monday, July 5, 2010

"Riverfest - Summertime Fun and Blues!"

HELLLLLLLLL0 SUMMER! Yes, we've finally got it! The heat, the humidity and the sun! What could be more wonderful! And to add to that, how about celebrating with The French Flea this coming week, Thursday thru Sunday, July 8-11. Here's the scoop... it's Riverfest in Anoka with lots of festivities, crafts and artwork on the streets this coming Saturday!

Thursday night is once again Ladies Night Out and we will be serving up orange floats for our customers that evening from 6-8. Then on Sunday, from 1-5, Anoka is having their annual historical tour and we are honored to have the opportunity to be able to re-do a boat house for this...check out our blog to see pictures already posted!

This is going to be a great sale with much fun and celebration in our quaint little town of Anoka. Please come and join us for this month's theme "Summertime Fun and Blues". Our back patio is filled with great finds and furniture! We are filled up, backed up, stacked up and once again, we can hardly move!!!!!

It's going to be an amazing sale, so we'd really love to have all our customers join us for it! Here's a sneak peak.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh my word this is too funny, I have been in your store...two years ago you got a fluke snowstorm IN THE SPRING and my Mom slipped on the snow and landed next to the wheel well of the rental car in the snow....and I started laughing not the thing to do to a half Norwegian/Swede!
    We laugh about that a lot... NOW ,small world!

  2. The store looks fabulous! My daughter and I are road-tripping up from Nebraska to see you this week-end! Can anyone come to the Ladies Night Out or is it just invited guests? Can't wait to check out your shop (aready have my eye on a couple of things)!

  3. Nice job Lani. Everything looks great and the colors and product looks different and fun this month too.