Monday, November 8, 2010

A Natural White Christmas

Get ready for an abundance of pictures for this months sale! We Fleabags have had SO MUCH FUN searching for perfect items to go with our 'Natural White Christmas' theme, and ultimately set up some awesome vignettes that just screamed to have their pictures taken to share with our Flea and blogging friends!
Beautifully decorated table in the Flea's front window!
Check out this Christmas tree with all the old brass instruments... it just sings REJOYCE!
Often times between sales, Maizy the Mini Yorkie likes to come hang out with her mom and the rest of the Fleabags as they are busy at work...perching on benches and wherever else she can stay out of the way!
As always, check out our awesome selection of designer/name brand clothing and handbags, we have a great selection to wear to Holiday parties!
Chaise lounge, fainting couch...whatever you wish to call it, it is a gorgeous piece that won't be in the sale very long!
Silver/Funky Christmas
There's plenty more where all of this came from!!! Our sale starts at 10:00 am Thursday morning...can't wait to see you all there!

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