Monday, February 13, 2012

WOW !!

Well , with another successful sale under our belts, we are right onto next months goodies !  I have to say this sale was a whirlwind !!!  With all the amazing furniture, and accessories, we knew it would be a full house, and it did not disappoint !!

I am always amazed and inspired at our customers !  The dedication to making the Flea their "destination" for that perfect piece each month, and also talking to the customers that just "happened upon" the Flea by chance !!  Of course they can't believe they hadn't been before, and they want to know all the details of the "premier occasional" sale of the north !
The Flea is definately addicting !!

We put so much hard work into bringing the most beautiful and unique finds, and even more than selling out the store in a mere four days, as if that weren't enough incentive to be even more fabulous the next month, we all love the generous comments people have, and love to see the amazement on their faces when we tell them how the Flea "works" !  

Weeks of working around the clock, filling the store with frenchy goodness, arranging, staging, re-arranging, to make it look perfect !  And then when the second Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the month finally arrive, we throw open the door, and by Sunday at closing, it's cleared out, and even though exhaustion may be a thought, we are all so excited to do it all over again for the next month, with all new things !

Here are some pics from the "February French Rustic" whirlwind !

The first one is a typical scene on opening day ......50+ excited customers line up, waiting for the clock to strike 10:00 !  And although the sun was out that morning, it was still brisk out !!!  Now that's dedication !!!

And when the door opens, this is what we call a "packed Flea " !!  Of course that's Flea talk for "a full house "  :)

And then some "serious" shopping sets in !!!  Gotta find that perfect piece !!

Here are some of the "Fleabags" ( I say that with love in my heart ) !  Hard at work, ringing, wrapping, and packing up the goods !

And this is Amanda !  A very faithful customer, who's smile we love, and also the thoughtfulness she puts into her purchases !  She is always very gracious with her compliments, and ALWAYS finds great things !!  Thank you Amanda !!!

Well, that's all for now !  If you were unable to make the February sale, don't fret !  March is right around the corner !!  So mark your calendars, tell your friends, make a plan to visit, and head on down !  

All dates for each month are conveniently listed on this blog, and you should check back often to see sneak preview pics and details !
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See you at the Flea !

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  1. Sometimes the excitement of being with friends, doing some major shopping ,can take the bite out of the nippy air. Hope you had a blast. Happy valentine's day. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)