Monday, October 8, 2012

Rustic Luxury !!!

Rustic Luxury !!

This time of year is amazing for so many reasons!  There is a distinctive change in the air that seems to spark new creativity.
Now, maybe it's the fact that we are fast approaching the Holiday Season, or maybe it's just all the preparation that needs to be done before the cold weather sets in, but things all around are changing!
The leaves fall, our t-shirts change to sweaters, and we start to switch out summer decor for fall  in our homes..

I love looking at all the Autumn Scapes people do in their yards !  Pumpkins, corn stalks, beautiful mums in rich bright colors!

It's a fun and exciting time of the year, that I hope we all take time to enjoy!

This month at the French Flea we have a Rustic Luxury "feel" to the store......
now overall, there is a warm atmosphere, with deep rich colors, some sparkle, patina, and glitz as well....
Many different looks, under one roof...
Pillows, jewelry, gifts...
Unique furniture, architectural, mirrors, unique seating, living and dining sets, custom upholstery, hutches, glassware, decor............and the list goes on !!!

Enjoy, and join us this Thursday-Sunday, October 11th-14th



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