Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary French Flea!!!!!!

Happy 5th Anniversary to the

Time sure flies when your havin' as much fun as we are!!!

We are so excited and proud to say this is the 5th year of the French Flea!!!

It takes a "village" to do what we do each month!  Anyone in this business knows that it takes not only creativity, but just a lot of good old fashion hard work to whip the shop into shape each and every month!

As Fleas we take our task very serious each month, pouring everything we've got into creating a fresh, trendy new look each time! We set ourselves apart by staging the whole shop as one cohesive look, one area blending into the next, just like a well decorated home .....
We believe not only are we here to offer our customers great finds at a fantastic price, but also to give people inspiration and ideas!!!
With our "fearless leader" directing us all the way, each month seems to get better and better!!!
The French Flea of Anoka is our second family, we laugh together, and we cry together..... We solve a lot of the worlds problems behind those doors in the 3-4 weeks in between sales, all the while letting the creativity flow!!!

As for our customers.... Well they are 
We have the greatest, most loyal customers around!!!  What else would you call standing in line for a half hour in subzero conditions on Thursday to make sure they nab that piece they saw on the blog?!?!??!
Thank you to all who have supported and spread the word about The French Flea over the past 5 years!!! 
We love you!!!!!

With that said, we would like to celebrate these past five years not only by putting on another great sale, but also....
having giveaways and treats!!!!!!!
What's better than gifts and treats!!!!

So check out these photos, and then plan on heading to the Flea this Thursday-Sunday to help us celebrate our 5 years !

MAY 8-11th
See you at the Flea!!!!

From all of us to all of you, we thank you for your continued support of the French Flea!  It's been a great 5 years!!

Here's to many more!

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