Thursday, October 29, 2009

Previous Photos of the French Flea

Our new permanent sign at the "French Flea" in Anoka shop.
At the beginning we didn't have a permanent sign, and on this photo the previous owners sign was still up.
In this photo at our first sale a line was beginning to form.
Teri, Robyn, Julie & Gretchen are four of the vendors in the shop and are
shown here on opening day prior to opening the doors for the very first time.
This sweet Mom and her three lovely daughters were the first
customers ever inside the doors at the "French Flea" on May 1st, 2009.
In this photo, Carolyn is one of many of our loyal shoppers each month at our shop.
A few more of our loyal customers.
A couple of shoppers admiring some of the french
inspired items offered at our first sale.
Customers admiring Gretchen's vintage redesigned
jewelry we offer for sale at the French Flea each month.
Anne, another of our vendors is helping out a customer
with some of her questions about a furniture item.
We hope you've enjoyed a sampling of a few past photos of the French Flea, and we will plan to continue to show more past photos as well as new photos as this blog gets up to date and rolling.
Au Revoir!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Flea Bags
    Really nice blog you have set up. Love seeing
    the pictures from your first sale.
    I really like the border you have picked out
    for your background. It really compliments your
    photos. I have been to many of your sales.
    Your shop always looks proffesionally done.
    The staff always friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work ladies. You are all the buzz in Anoka.