Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holidays at the French Flea

Welcome to the Beginning of our Holiday Season at the French Flea.
We are located at 211 East Main Street, Anoka, Minnesota. 612-963-8108
When you walk through the door, this lovely vignette will greet you. There is a fabulous collection of silver candle holders as well as this wonderful french inspired furniture.
Details of the silver colored treasures. Front window display.
A great large piece of furniture painted in this wonderful neutral color. This piece is gorgeous!
Lots of wonderful black painted furniture pieces this month.
A nice dresser displayed with a grouping of vintage crystal lamps.
A lovely setting.
An adorable black bookshelf.
Lodge Area
While hubby is hunting up north, you can hunt at the "French Flea".
We even have a saddle for sale.
An adult desk and an adorable child's roll top desk.
Entertaining for the Holidays
Great crystal, silver and glassware available this month at the shop.
Lots of great stuff on this shelf filled with treasures.
Silver and cloches are always an awesome mix.
Holiday Gift Giving Ideas
Everyone is going green. How about holiday gift giving being all recyclables for this year?
Here are some ideas to get you started on your shopping.
Lovely mirrors are available at the shop and would be a
wonderful gift for your vintage loving girlfriend.
Lots of decor elements shown in this photo would make great gifts.
How about a beautiful vintage crystal lamp given as a gift?
Or a one-of-a-kind burlap shoulder bag designed with new burlap
and recycled chenille and vintage buttons.
A cute mirror.
For sale for the first time this month are these wonderful cell phone charger cases. You can hang them on your belt loop or purse strap.
Extreme detailing is in each of these cell phone carriers. They are made with new burlap, lined and stamped with this wonderful Fleur-de-leis.
Mimi-Toria's jewelry area has been revamped with new display
pieces and new product perfect for your holiday gift giving
Each jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind and is a vintage redesign created with
vintage elements, giving it a new and modern updated twist.
Come on into the "French Flea" and shop a while, enjoy a cup of coffee, and feast your eyes. The store is brim packed with awesome treasures for you, for your holiday entertaining and for your gift giving list. We at the French Flea have decided to add hours to our regular venue, so that you our customer can shop more hours between now and Christmas.
Here's the inside scoop on the new days
and hours for extended holiday shopping:
Added Sale Dates
November 6, Friday, 10-5 pm
November 7, Saturday, 10-5 pm
November Occasional Sale Dates
November 12, Thursday, 10-8 pm November 13, Friday, 10-5 pm
November 14, Saturday, 10-5 pm
November 15, Sunday, 12-4 pm
Added Sale Dates
November 27, Friday, 10-5 pm November 28, Saturday, 10-5 pm
Added Sale Dates
December 4, Friday, 10-5 pm December 5, Saturday, 10-5 pm
December Occasional Sale Dates
December 10, Thursday, 10-8 pm December 11, Friday, 10-5 pm December 12, Saturday, 10-5 pm
December 13, Sunday, 12 -4 pm
Holiday Home Tour
December 12, Saturday 1-4 pm
5 homes at $10 see previous post for more information
Added Sale Dates
December 18, Friday, 10-5 pm
December 19, Saturday, 10-5 pm
We will be bringing you updated photos' as we continue to add to our product venue and share those with you for future shopping dates listed above. Next week, for the November occasional sale dates we will have our full blown Christmas ready for you to experience. Christmas in Paris!
We hope to see you soon!
To see additional photos of the French Flea you may visit one of our vendors blogs below:


  1. EVERYTHING looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! So wish I could shop here, but toooooo far so for now I will just dream about shopping at the French Flea!!
    Happy day.

  2. Oh My....The Pink Pig loves the French Flea...Adding you to my blog roll. Thanks for the wonderful photo's..great shop.

  3. Wow, Flea bags you have really outdone yourselves. Everything looks beautiful. What
    a great shopping experience for the hunting
    widows weekend. The pictures and merchandizing
    of your shop is fantastic.

  4. Girls...your displaying is FANTASTIC! The shop looks so good and I can't believe how you can pull it off every month. I know how much work it can be.

    Have fun and sure wish I lived closer...I'd be there!

    Hi to Gretchen and Lani!