Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fleabag Field Trip to the Idea House!

After a looong winter, the Fleabags decided enough was enough and headed out for a day of inspiration and take a little group field trip to Bachman's Idea House in Minneapolis. We had a BLAST and came out with a whole-lotta ideas to make our own and transform the flea! Take a look at what we saw...

Look at the fabric tied to the bare tree looks like leaves! The Flea has bare tree branches... hmm!

An old ceiling light turned planter...repurposing at its prime!
Everyone has old luggage hanging around-make it into a charming end table if you have nothing else to do with it!
I LOVE this wallpaper! I never thought I would say that about wallpaper, but it's so springy and fresh looking in this porch, I think it's making a comeback! (like it or not!!)
Check out the is wrapped in burlap for a whole new look!
Maizy-the flea dog- would have loved to have called this repurposed end table her new bed!
A collection of pretty plates makes a great wall collage!
A sink turned planter...why not?!
Have a collection of old floor grates? Why not put mirrors or pictures in them in a collage, like the Idea House did their collection on the stairway wall!
Old shutters with corkboard in the panels make a great memo board.
Decorative ribbon belts are put on the wall with hooks and clothespins for an instant idea center!
What little girl wouldn't love this ballerina inspired pink room? I have to say, I was slightly obsessed with it and I'm 25!
Simple. An old metal stool painted pink with a circular glass top. Instant bedside table.
LOVE. Tutu valances...made from strips of several different shades of interface paper.
An instant headboard/conversation wall...ribbon and mirrors!
Two fleabags, Teri and Anne, in the Master Bedroom getting some ideas.
An iron gate makes for a perfect resting place for all those fashionable scarves every woman has.
This is the ultimate little boy's room!
An old piece of barnboard and rope to spell the boys name, a perfect headboard.
The ceiling rope walk is a great idea in theory, but what little boy isn't going to try and climb their ceiling the minute they have some spare time? Boys will be boys!
The suitcases show up again, this time as a bedside table!
Instead of the usual table legs, two chairs took their place for a fun twist.
I want to know any man or woman who keeps their kitchen organized enough to have everything on display! Looks great though.
This layering of paint and distressing is a sneak peek at the techniques some of the fleabags are working on.

After our minds were full of goodies we had to fill our stomachs with something just as wonderful! Bachman's has a cute little French Bistro in their greenhouse, which makes you feel on vacation, if for only an hour!


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