Monday, April 11, 2011

Springtime in Paris

Alright, here is what us Fleabags came up with after deciding winter was truly over, and our inspiring trip to the Idea House! OH...I almost forgot to mention...Don't forget to sign up during our April sale to listen to our guest speaker Bev Resinger of B R Designs, and learn how to plant sun or shade moss baskets. This class will take place on May 14 in our back garden area. Bev is known for transforming yards into beautiful outdoor havens with flower containers! She will also be showing examples of planting in unusual containers. Such a great way to liven up any outdoor area. We have limited space for this event and have to keep it to approximately 30 guests. The cost for this event will be $5.00, and there will be a drawing for one of the baskets. Be sure to attend! NOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.... pictures!
There's Maizy, the Fleabag Dog, posing for a picture on a perfect white wicker loveseat!
The garden patio...HOPEFULLY it can be open this sale...all depending on the weather!
Don't you just love the trees? Bare no more...spring has sprung at the Flea!
Such a lovely new upholstered chair by Vicki Douglas! (She works wonders on ugly tattered pieces of furniture!)
See you 10:00 am Thursday morning!


  1. I am wondering if the desk/vanity (photo 17) is still available for purchase at the store and how much it might be. If so can you email me? agunstrom[@]gmail[.]com Thanks so much!

  2. Wow! what a great selection, there are some gorgeous items. I have to say Maizy looks very comfy on the wicker love seat!

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