Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now that's a Sale !!!!!!!

Shocking !!

Well now that may be a bit dramatic, and normally we have gorgeous, fantastic, pictures that make a person drool, and count the days until the sale starts so they can be first in line to Get....That...Special...Piece !!!

But I just had to share this picture .......
As they say in French, " Une image vaut un long discours" ,  "A picture is worth a thousand words "
disclaimer: (not responsible for mis-translation )

So here it is.........  this is what happens when we have a fantastic, over the top sale, and we ARE SO HAPPY that all of you loved everything so much, that you basically cleaned us out !!!
What fun!!!

Such a sad room really, to be stripped of all it's goodies !  
Oh well, it's a GREAT problem to have I think !!

Thank you all for the great sale !  It's a shame that we only get to visit 4 days out of the month, but that's the whole concept of the occasional sale !!  

We enjoyed seeing all the faithfuls and are very excited about all the folks that didn't know about us and are so excited to be added to the email list and come next month !!!

So until next time..........Au Veroir !!

Ps.  Some fun statistics from our March sale...

47 people in line Thursday morning

Great weather each day

Very large amount of newbies to the Flea this month, (yay!!)

A good number of supportive hubbies accompanied the wives to make decorating decisions !  (we love a good, patient, and stylish hubby!)

And one very cute pup named "Basil" also visited us this sale !

  cheers !!

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