Sunday, April 1, 2012


French Flea Field Trip !

All great career minded people do whatever they can to improve on their craft, right?
So if your a Flea, you need to study trends, shop often, gather ideas, eat out at a great cafe'....wait, that part is just the fun part !!
Well, seriously it's all fun !  Sometimes I almost feel guilty about my "profession" because of all the FUN that goes with it !!!

So on this sunny Sunday, a few fleas headed out on an adventure to Bachman's Spring Idea House !  Here's a few of the gang, and some of the fun ideas we saw to pass along to you ...

Spring has definately sprung in the Bachman Idea House !
This was a great display of delicate plants combined with a chunky timber table, and giant "antique looking" books, fun !!

I tried to capture the colors in this room, not sure my camera did it justice, but the tones where very beautiful !  A cool blue tone with hints of very soft pinks, and greys!  Love that combined with the architectural pieces on the wall.....

Of course a little chippy is always good !  Lots of charm, and a great place to house your goodies !

Great colors on this spring table 

This was a beautiful lanten, just simply hung over the top of the existing light socket ! Big chunky hooks hung underneath to hold the dog leashes ,  Great idea !

This was a really fun piece as well, birch pieces fitted in a "sort of frame" and then a large iron flower added on the side and some cherry blossom branches!  Beautiful !!

I loved these , very FRENCHY , don't ya think ??

Another fun DIY idea, some glass jars suspended from jute, tied to branches.....the jars had candles inside......would be great on an outdoor porch !

This was one of my favorite ideas, an old window with acouple different elements to it....chalkboard, corkboard and a place to put papers and a box of chalk also...

Well those are just a few of the great ideas from the Idea House....always a fun fieldtrip !

We also got to hit the" Gathering of Friends" sale inside the greenhouse......and here's the start of our pile...... keep an eye out at our next sale for some of these goodies !!

This "display" looks so good, we could almost back it up to the Flea and sell right out of the back of the truck  !!!  

Well that's all for now.......thanks for checking out our field trip...

Remember, our April sale is coming up quick, and as usual the store is filled up with Frenchy goodness.....because it's April in Paris !!!!

See you soon !

Cheers !

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